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About Us


Welcome to CobraVPN

With the help of our VPN, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other third parties will not have access to your online activities. They won’t have access to the data you send or receive online. CobraVPN encrypts your data securely, preventing them from getting into the wrong hands. With CobraVPN, you will be free to access the internet and survey your favourite site without fear of losing your data or giving out personal data and location.

Who we are?

Using CobraVPN provides you with a secured end-to-end connection that ensures that your data is not stolen. Many persons who work remotely face the challenge of getting a secured means to share data and information. With our VPN, you have access to a private server to connect to and share information securely.

Our mission

Using our VPN, you are assured that your online activities are secured and cannot be accessed by third parties or your service provider. We provide high-end technology to avoid data leakage.

Our vision

Due to government regulations and banning the use of certain social media and internet tools in certain regions and countries, the need to get access to certain web content is met by using our VPN. You can easily switch to a new location, connect to a server in another region or country and get access to contents in that region.

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